An Exclusive Group of Money Managers

Seeking Market Opportunities

At Virginia Estate and Retirement Planning Advisors, Inc., we believe that choosing individual companies and exchange traded funds (ETFs) are far more tax-efficient than buying packaged products, such as mutual funds. We seek competitive returns using a combination of managers and strategies depending on market conditions and your personal needs.

  • Exclusivity: Money managers we consider for your portfolio are often otherwise unavailable to retail investors.
  • Put you first: Because Virginia Estate and Retirement Planning Advisors, Inc. offers fee-based services as a Registered Investment Advisor, you can be sure you’ll receive unbiased advice.
  • A Long-Term Perspective: Market conditions are constantly changing, which is why we don’t take a “buy and hold” approach. What may have been a good investment a year ago may no longer fit your investment needs. We seek opportunities through every market cycle.
  • Global versus domestic stocks: Asset allocation is the most important factor in determining investment returns. With global markets becoming increasingly important, we go wherever we find solid investment opportunities.
  • Ongoing analysis: We use a variety of models to analyze and forecast markets, including the strength of the dollar, inflation and interest rates, and other economic influences.
  • Diversification: A well-diversified portfolio produces less volatile returns than one made of investments that rise and fall together.